Corporations and Institutes

Use TOEIC to make decisions on recruitment, promotion and training for the new candidates.

Universities and Educational Centers

Use TOEIC to evaluate the right learning level for the students learning the English language.

Personal Evaluations

Use TOEIC to be promoted, apply to new positions inside a company or to apply to international positions.

TOEIC Bridge

It measures the comprehension starting from a basic level (A1) to low-medium level (B1) in the skills of reading and listening. Recommended for those students who are just starting an English program.

TOEIC Listening and Reading

Measures comprehension starting from a basic level (A1) to an advanced level (C1) in the reading and listening skills. Used by many institutions as a graduation requirement and by companies as a recruitment tool.

TOEIC Speaking and Writing

Measures fluency (written and spoken) starting from a basic level (A1) to an advanced level (C1). Used by companies in selection processes and by embassies as a VISA delivery requirement.


It’s a tool which uses academic content to evaluate the mastery of the English language on the students aspiring to a higher education.


International Training Testing and Certification Institute (ITTCI) it's a company dedicated to the sales of training, evaluation and certification products focused on the English language. We focus on providing high international standard products, used by private comanies, educational institutions, government insitutions and even particular people on a world wide scale.

Test Centers

The following certification centers for the TOEIC® test are authorized by ITTCI to provide evaluations to the public in general. If you want to take your test you can contact any of the following institutions or contact us directly.

Our Clients

These are some of the companies who have trusted our services: